Research on elective admissions and policies to moderate their growth

This project consists of several studies that aim to improve the understanding of the growth of planned hospital (elective) admissions and the measures that might moderate this growth. This information is intended to help the NHS operate effectively during a period of financial pressure. This research was commissioned by the NIHR.

Article on hospital care and costs of homeless people

This article uses the 'no fixed abode' flag in Hospital Episode Statistics to compare the costs and diagnoses of hospitalised homeless patients with a sample of the homed. Comparisons include lengths of stay with or without standardising for case mix, in-hospital death rates, the emergency-elective split and overall cost per admission.

Article on hospital mortality and place of death

This article identifies the association between English area-level (i) Hospital Standardised Mortality Rates (HSMRs), (ii) overall mortality and (iii) out-of-hospital mortality. The strong association between (i) and (iii) suggests that policy analyses that compare HSMRs to measure quality change may be biased by unbalanced samples of hospital patients.

Analysis of trends in hospital admissions and bed days 1997/8 to 2014/15

This report examines how far the trends in emergency and elective hospital admissions and bed days in England over the last 17 years can be explained by the changing age distribution and associated rising numbers of older people, by factors associated with particular birth cohorts, and by factors associated with particular time periods.

Research on transition and duration in disability

In this paper we use a Spanish dataset to study how disability transition probabilities (as well as mortality probabilities) are associated with concurrent factors to age such as income, gender and education. Little attention has previously been paid to the combined effect of these factors on the transition from one degree of disability to another.

Research on cost of Fitness to Practise processes

This research report provides statistical information for different features of the HCPC's Fitness to Practise processes between April 2012 and March 2014 and addresses some specific questions regarding the factors which impact on costs. Commissioned by the Health and Care Professions Council. The report is available to download below.

Comparison of emergency hospital care activity in England and Scotland

Emergency inpatient hospital care has increased substantially in England over the last decade. This report compares emergency admissions and hospital stays in Scotland and England to assess whether the growth in England has been different or exceptional. Commissioned by the Department of Health. The report is available to download below.

Research on emergency hospital admissions of older people

This report sets out and discusses the findings of our study to gain an improved understanding of the drivers of emergency hospital admissions of older people in England and to formulate evidence-based scenarios for possible future trends in these emergency admissions. Commissioned by the Department of Health. The report is available to download below.

Working papers on the height production function and on FGM

The first working paper uses a height production function to allow causal identification of the age specific effects of both nutrition and diseases on height in a longitudinal sample of Filipino children. The second analyses the results of a list experiment conducted in Ethiopia to measure underlying attitudes towards female genital multilation.

Working paper on benchmarking of elective activity rates

In managing planned care, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will be interested to compare their rates for different elective procedures with the national average and with each other, after allowing for demographic factors and random variation. This working paper presents comparisons using several methods of standardisation. The paper is available to download below.

The Centre for Health Service Economics & Organisation (CHSEO, founded December 2010) is an innovative research unit focused on whole-system analysis of the English health and social care sector and selected local health economies. It is based in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, and linked to the Department of Economics, in the University of Oxford. Working with economists and statisticians, the Centre aims to produce high quality strategic analysis.

The Centre has recently completed a programme of longer-term projects commissioned by the Department of Health, and is currently conducting studies funded by the National Institute for Health Research, the Wellcome Trust and the Professional Standards Authority.