Our events

Information is presented below on the Centre's past events:

  • Workshop on Immigration, Health and Well-Being (May 2016);
  • Workshop on Asset Based Approaches to Health (April 2015);
  • Workshop on Trends in Emergency Admissions of Older People (December 2013);
  • Workshop on Assessment and Eligibility for Adult Social Care (May 2013);
  • Conference on Primary Care in Deprived Areas (March 2012);
  • Seminar Series in Health Policy (2011-2012).

Workshop on Immigration, Health and Well-Being

This workshop was held on 19th May 2016 in Oxford as part of the Immigration and NHS project funded by the John Fell Fund. Keynote lectures were given by Christian Dustmann (University College of London) and Marty Gaynor (Carnegie Mellon University). A final debate with Brian Bell (University of Oxford) and Martin Ruhs (University of Oxford), moderated by Martha Gill (The Economist), concluded the workshop.

Workshop on Asset Based Approaches to Health

We held an expert workshop in Oxford on 13 and 14 April 2015 to discuss our study of asset based approaches to health. The focus of our study, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust and conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Health and Human Development at the University of East London, is economic issues relating to asset based approaches.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Discuss how we might identify and organise health and wellbeing assets so that they are more efficiently productive of health and wellbeing;
  • Discuss the structures, performance frameworks, budgetary arrangements and planning processes which would be necessary to achieve this;
  • Identify further intellectual/research work to support moving forwards.

Experts from different disciplines with a special interest in asset based approaches, including development of community capital, attended the workshop. We are grateful for their contributions which will inform the remaining parts of our study.

Workshop on Trends in Emergency Admissions of Older People

On 3rd December 2013 the Centre, in conjunction with the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford, held a workshop in Oxford to discuss trends in emergency hospital admissions of older people in England. The aim was to consider new analyses on trends over the last decade in numbers of emergency hospital admissions of older people and bed days of those admissions and to discuss the demand, supply and policy-related factors that may have influenced these trends.

Workshop on Assessment and Eligibility for Adult Social Care

On 20th May 2013 the Centre held an international workshop at Skipton House, London, on Assessment and Eligibility Frameworks for Adult Social Care. The workshop brought together academics and analysts to discuss the findings of a review of international practice on this topic recently completed by the Centre.

Conference on Primary Care in Deprived Areas

On 22nd-23rd March 2012 and in conjunction with the College of Medicine, the Centre held a successful conference at Nuffield College, Oxford on Primary Care in Deprived Areas. The conference brought together prominent academics and practitioners to analyse and develop understanding of the issues in such areas.

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Past seminars

Speaker(s) Seminar title Date Downloads and links
Laurel Hixon, Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and Senior Lecturer and Research Associate in the Australian Institute for Population Ageing Research, University of New South Wales Understanding the adoption of integrated aged care service structures: the case of New South Wales 28th Nov 2012 Slides
Raphael Wittenberg, Senior Research Fellow at CHSEO (Oxford) and at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (LSE) Potential reforms to the funding of long-term care in England and their cost 21st Nov 2012 None
Sir Roger Boyle, former National Clinical Director for heart disease and stroke A decade of policy towards heart disease and stroke: outcomes and lessons 7th Nov 2012 None
Professor Martin Roland, Chair in Health Services Research, General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge Financial incentives in hospitals: learning from QOF 30th May 2012 None
Sir Hugh Taylor, Chairman, Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, formerly Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health Making policies on the NHS: reflections on a decade in the Department of Health 2nd May 2012 None
Professor Michael Goldacre, Department of Public Health, University of Oxford Hospital activity and patient outcomes: some lessons from record linkage 7th March 2012 Slides
Professor James Malcomson, Department of Economics, University of Oxford The findings of the OHE Commission on competition in the NHS 15th Feb 2012 Paper
Barry McCormick (Director) and Peter-Sam Hill (Project Lead), Centre for Health Service Economics & Organisation Single handed GPs and quality of care: evidence from a new approach 8th Feb 2012 None
Niall Dickson, Chief Executive and Registrar, General Medical Council Regulating doctors: is revalidation the answer? 24th Nov 2011 None
Dr Rowena Jacobs, CHE, University of York (paper co-authors: Professor Maria Goddard and Dr Rossella Verzulli) Do hospitals respond to greater autonomy? Evidence on Foundation Trusts 17th Nov 2011 Paper, slides
Professor Martin Chalkley, CHE, University of York Productivity: the impact of the tariff 3rd Nov 2011 None
Bill McCarthy, Chief Executive, NHS Yorkshire and Humber / Interim Managing Director, NHS Commissioning Board Health reform and the NHS Commissioning Board 20th Oct 2011 None